Electrical Safety Checks Sussex

Electrical safety checks can be a life-saver.Electricity is a wonderful thing and enables us to live in the modern world, surrounded by gadgets unknown to previous generations.But that same miracle power can be lethal, so it’s extremely important that your electrics are installed and maintained by professionals.Horsham Local Electricians will do a thorough safety check of your premises to ensure all your equipment and wiring is safe. If you move into a new house, for example, the wiring may look sound, but you never know when an enthusiastic DIYer has been let loose on your electrics. So the sensible thing to do is to call us in to do a full electrical safety check to put your mind at rest and ensure you and your family are safe.

Your business premises also benefit from regular electrical safety checks to ensure safety for you and your staff.  And your insurance policies may require that you keep your electrics in good order.

Of course we also do PAT testing for businesses

Call us now to make an appointment for your electrical safety check on  01403 371050

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