Emergency Call-out Electricians in Horsham Sussex – Emergency Electricians in Horsham

If you need an emergency electrician in the middle of the night – never fear,  just call Horsham Local Electricians and we’ll be out to help.

01403 371050

We know that things can go wrong at the most inconvenient time. No-one wants their heating or lights to fail when it’s dark and cold.So please check with your electricity supplier if all your electrics fail, then give us a call if the problem is with you.

If you have a power cut or emergency situation in the Southern area, report it to SSE Power Distribution
0800  072 7282

 The UK has a fairly stable electricity supply, but there are some rural areas that experience regular power cuts, particularly in the winter – when you least want to be without heat and light.Sometimes, though, major outages occur, even in large city areas and it’s wise to make some preparations just in case and to know what to do if you have a long power cut.

Horsham Local Electricians have put together a list that might help:

  • Always keep a couple of fully-charged torches in your property, and know whether they are. You don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark during a power cut.
  • Keep a supply of candles or tea lights. If you don’t have candlesticks, you can use dishes to hold them.  Be very careful where you place candles and never leave them unattended.
  • If the power does go off and may not be back for some time, use a duvet or blankets to cover your freezer and avoid opening the freezer door. It will keep cold for many hours if you don’t let warm air in.
  • Keep the above emergency electricity phone number handy so you can call in the event of an electricity failure. They will keep you informed about the current situation if you ask for text updates.
  • Have a back-up method of cooking or warming foods like soup. A small camping stove is useful, or what about your barbecue?  WARNING:  Do not use a barbecue indoors and follow instructions with camping stoves.  Harmful fumes in the house can kill!
  • If possible, have a back-up method of heating because even if you have a gas or oil boiler, it will need electricity to operate. That’s where an open fire or woodburner is great. A bio-ethanol fire is good too and even a small freestanding bio-ethanol burner can give out reasonable heat when all else fails.
  • Make sure you have batteries for your portable radio if you normally keep it plugged into the mains.
  • If you have a standby generator, you already know all this and will be experienced in withstanding electricity failures!

When you need an emergency electrician, 24-hours a day, call Horsham Local Electricians on 01403 371050

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