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The Best Horsham Electrician Company can help with emergency electrical services at any time, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.Just call us on:

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Best Horsham Electricians provide a full range of residential and commercial electrical services to cover all the work you may require. Scroll down to read through all the electrics services we provide. We have a 24-hour emergency electric call-out service in Horsham, Crawley and surrounding areas. Our qualified electricians can come to your house anytime during the day or night if you need us due to a breakdown or any other electric issue. We want you to know that at any time, we can be there to help you.

We are qualified electrical contractors who can help you no matter what your issues may be.  Give us a ring!

We can provide qualified domestic electricians to fix your house wiring, install lights, change your fuse board or completely rewire your house. We’ll come out to give you a free quote or in an emergency we can be there fast.As well as home electricians, we also do commercial wiring and electrical work in the Horsham, Crawley and surrounding areas. Just give us a call to see whether we can help – the answer will almost certainly be yes! Our qualified electricians can provide both partial and full rewiring of your home or your business.We can bring your wiring up to modern standards so you can run many electric appliances and computers in your home safely and reliably without having to overload your power sockets and risking an electric breakdown.If you recently have added a home extension or business extension, Best Horsham Electricians can provide partial wiring to tie in your existing wiring to your new.

In order for us to provide you with the best service, fill out our quote form or give us a ring at 01403 371050. We can discuss your wiring needs and come out and have a look at your wiring so that we can recommend what types of electric work will be best for your family or business.

Whether it’s a full or partial rewiring, we can help you out.

Power sockets are a necessity in any home or business.  But with all the computers and gadgets we have today, it’s easy to overload your power sockets. This can be dangerous and is a very unsafe practice.If you have multiple electronic devices and electrical equipment plugged into the same power socket, you are risking an electric breakdown or even a fire.This is easily fixed!Best Horsham Electricians can come to your home or business and look at your present electric needs. Perhaps you need us to install one or many power sockets. We can install as many sockets as you need.Don’t risk an electric breakdown again. Let us help you determine how many power sockets would be best for your home or business and allow our qualified electrical contractors install sockets safely and in the optimal locations for you.We can add extra power sockets in kitchens, sitting rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms or any other place you may need them.We can also provide environment-safe sockets for outside too. If you need an extra socket for your garage to power tools, or to run your electric lawnmower, we install sockets outside the home, where you need them. Our electric work is second to none. Do you have hanging or exposed switches? These can be incredibly dangerous and also can cause an electric breakdown or give you a nasty shock.Our qualified electrical contractors can quickly fix those switches so they are working properly and are safe. We also install switches if you would like a newer style or simply want a different look.We can provide this electrical work for businesses too.We can also install dimmer switches so you can adjust how bright you want a room to be. Dimmer switches are best used to change the ambiance of a room rather than using candles.Have one of our domestic electricians install dimmer switches in your home. You will find our electrical work is simply brilliant. We can install all kinds of lighting, both indoor and outdoor. Our electricians can provide light pendant installation, under cupboard lighting, down lighting installation, low energy and LED lighting.Just let us know what type of lighting you need and where you want it and we will send an electrician to light up your house.Our electrical contractors can help you with all your indoor lighting and your outdoor lighting too. Want to add outdoor lights for your patio or garden? We can help you decide the right amount of lighting and where it should go so your outdoors are sufficiently lit so you can enjoy your evenings outdoors.Lights don’t work? Ring us up and we can come and assess the problem. Whether it’s faulty wiring, a broken switch, blown fuse or a burnt bulb, our electrical contractor can find the issue and fix it.You don’t need to become a home electrician in order to deal with these pesky troubles. Leave it to us. We can help you out in a jiffy and leave you happy you rang us. Security lights installed by a qualified electrical contractor can provide two types of security:

  • They can help you feel safe and secure while you walk from the street or garage to your door or through the car park at your business. They illuminate very well and provide the security you want when you get home or leave work after dark.
  • They can help prevent your house or business from being burgled by chasing away shadows and dark corners where a thief may hide undetected or might enter your home or business.

 Security lights make it hard for burglars to operate in the shadows undetected. Our electricians can suggest the optimal set up of security lights for maximum light coverage. 

In addition, we can also install security alarms as an added security measure. Security lights coupled with a security alarm equals a house or business which will be passed up in favour of one which doesn’t have these features

While adding security lights and security alarms to your home or business can make you feel safer and more secure, smoke detectors can save your life and the lives of your loved ones and employees. Best to ring us and book an appointment so one of our qualified electricians can recommend where to install the smoke detectors so they are in compliance with new legislation.If you are a landlord, as of October 2015, you are required by new legislation to install smoke detectors on each storey of the premises that is used as a living accommodation. Carbon monoxide alarms must also be installed in certain instances in rented units.Ring us today to discuss the implications of this new legislation and how it affects you and your business. Most homes in England have consumer units installed.  In 2001, new regulations came into effect which required a residual current device to protect sockets which may supply current to outdoor equipment.If you are looking to replace your consumer unit with one with a residual current device, our qualified electricians can do this. If you are unsure which type of consumer unit is installed in your home and whether it contains the residual current device, give us a ring and one of our electrical contractors can come to your house and determine that for you.If you are considering a home extension with outdoor sockets or if are simply looking to install outdoor sockets, ring us first so we can discuss this new regulation and how it affects you. Have an older fuse board in your house or business that you would like to upgrade?We can do this. And while we are at your home or business, our electrician can talk to you about what the upgrade means and do electrical testing to see if your wiring complies with new regulations.Due to having only qualified electrical contractors on staff, we can discuss these things with you so that you understand and can make an informed choice. Not only do we provide the electrical work but we also can help you understand your electrical needs both in your home and in your business and suggest options to improve your home electric or business electric requirements in a safe and cost-effective fashion. Just as our electricians can replace any consumer unit and fuse boards, we can replace circuit breakers too. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your home or your business, we can do it.While we are replacing your circuit breakers, our electrical contractor can speak to you about your electric needs and what else may need updating, changing or keeping the same.Talk to us today and we can book an appointment to replace your old circuit breaker and talk to you about options to satisfy your home or business electric needs. We can safety check your home’s electric capacity to ensure that you have more than adequate supply and that the supply is safe. If you are experiencing frequent electric breakdowns, an electrical safety check will help to pinpoint the problem and lead to a safe resolution.We can do electrical testing to make sure you are not overloading your circuits or your power sockets. We can talk to you about the options to make your home safe and to prevent further electric breakdowns. Ring us up and we can come a do electric testing of your home or business wiring. You won’t have to worry anymore about the next electric breakdown and when it will be.An electrical safety check can identify your wiring issues and we can get them fixed immediately. You will feel much better knowing that electric breakdowns are a thing of the past. Looking to buy a new cooker? Are you wanting to move to an electric cooker? Our electricians do cooker installation. Our cooker installation is quick and easy and will have you cooking in no time. Ring us up and book and appointment so that it coincides with delivery of your new cooker.Don’t have your new cooker sitting there waiting to be installed. Book with us and we can coordinate your delivery date so your cooker installation is seamless. You will be happily making tea in no time. We do ask, though, that you allow us a few days notice so that our electrician can be finished your installation by the time your cooker arrives.All you need do is plug it in. Ring us now to book your appointment! We do cooker installation for both home and business. When booking your cooker installation appointment, why not consider having your old extractor hood replaced or even buy a new one? As one of our electricians will already be on premises, consider having your extractor hood replaced or a new one installed. It will not take long to replace or install a new hood as our electricians are experienced and can get the job done quickly.You will have a fabulous looking kitchen in no time. Brilliant! Do you have low water pressure and are frustrated with a trickle of water instead of a proper shower with good water pressure?We have the answer! Let our electrical contractor install a power shower system. This unit will help boost your water pressure so that instead of a trickle you can have a torrent. You can get a thorough clean and be ready to start, or end, your day. Ring us today to discuss a power shower installation. The Health & Safety at Work Act says that companies must take responsibility for the electrical safety of both the public and their employees. Electrical equipment must be inspected to make sure that it’s safe to use and that is called PAT testing. Some inspections can be done adequately by visual examination, but other appliances must be properly tested.Of course Best Horsham Electricians can carry out all PAT testing and advise you on how to comply with the PAT testing regulations.

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Whether it’s summer or winter, nothing looks lovelier than beautiful garden lighting. Best Horsham Electrician can install your garden lights to make your garden safer in the dark, or simply to enhance the surroundings on summer evenings.You may choose to have tall garden lights like lamp-posts, or maybe your garden will suit more subtle lighting or ground lighting. You could have garden lighting to illuminate steps or to lead the eye. There are lots of clever ways you can use lights in your garden and we’ll be pleased to advise you.

As well as our electrical work in Horsham, West Sussex, we also cover the following areas and beyond:

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