Horsham Rewiring Service, Sussex – Horsham Electrician

There are times when a house needs to be completely rewired and Best Horsham Electrian can do a superb job for you.If you’re buying a house that’s more than 25 years old, it’s advisable to have the wiring checked. Nothing lasts forever and there may be unseen problems with your wiring, including damage from mice or squirrels, who may have taken a fancy to the wiring in your roof.If you’re renovating or updating a house, it pays to plan ahead. It’s usually best to have most of the electrical work done first. You don’t want to be spoiling your new plaster or chiselling out walls to accomodate a new wiring system.The Best Horsham Rewiring team can assess what work needs to be done and give you a detailed plan and quotation.If your wiring hasn’t been updated in the last 25 or 30 years, then the chances are that at least some electrical work will be needed to bring everything up to current standards.If you find an ancient-looking fuse box with large ceramic fuses, then there’s a good chance that you will need to have a complete rewiring job.

We can inspect your premises and let you know whether you need complete house rewiring or if we can just update the electrical system.

Surprisingly that are still a handful of houses being renovated that have the old round-pin plug sockets, even though they started to be phased out in 1947. If you find these sockets in your house, then you’ll definitely need your property to be rewired!

We are excellent home electricians and commercial electricians so let us update your wiring.


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